Stef Van Wolputte

LoCoVision: Low-cost embedded 1D vision sensors for smart monitioring applications

Low-cost embedded one-dimensional (1D) line-scan image sensors open up many opportunities for realizing cost-effective embedded imaging systems enabling continuous online condition, process and product quality monitoring. With this project we develop a generic and very low cost 1D line-scan camera set-up. This line scan camera will have a read-out speed of more than 10kHz with a resolution of 128 pixels, at a total set-up cost below € 100.

We also implement motion compensation algorithms based on optimal spatial temporal processing of time-consecutive 1D images. Afterwards the set-up will run algorithms to control the object to be verified such as: diameter calculation, motion tracking, arrival time, detect multiple objects,...

Finally we also develop a lighting system that is fully controllable by the line scan camera.


This work is partially funded by IWT and Flanders Make via the LocoVision ICON project.

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